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Imagine being a C.E.O. without having a bomb bag to show it.  Can you imagine that? Neither can I.  That’s why I made the Getting to the Bag Tote.  So you can show off, while your business shows out!  

This cute tote bag will carry your laptop, notebook, pens and all of the items you need as a business woman on the go.  And it will show everyone that you’re constantly about your business.  

This bag comes in various sizes to be able to handle the various types of businesses that you’ll be running. 

At the Bougie Lifestyle Brand, when we say “Secure the Bag”, we literally mean, SECURE.THE.BAG.  and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing with this tote bag.   And trust me when I say, everyone that sees you with this tote will be asking, where you got it.  Because they are going to want to SECURE THE BAG too.

So don’t miss out on our exclusive Bougie Lifestyle, Getting to the Bag Tote, so when people see you, they’ll already know that you are a Bougie Business Woman, about her business. 
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