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This fall/winter “hoodie season”, you won’t have to worry about being chilly or taking your man’s hoodie to stay warm.  I got you with the I Mind the Business that Pay$ Me Hoodie.  

Don’t you hate it when all you want to do is make money, drink water and be at peace, but the world just won’t let you?  I have been there.  That’s why I made this hoodie for those of us that just want to stay low and make our money.

It would be great if everyone had that attitude.  But I wear this hoodie to remind me anytime negativity comes my way that I only mind the business that pays me.

Them: Did you know about….?

Me: Nope, read my hoodie.

Them: Did you talk to….?

Me: Nope, read my hoodie.

So get your hoodie, stay warm and stay minding the business that pays you, because this year is all yours!

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