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Them: Did you hear about….?

Them: Girl let me tell you….

Them: You didn’t hear it from me but…

Does any of that sound familiar to you?  I know, I’ve heard those beginning lines too many times to count.  But out of all of the times I’ve heard those words, my bank account never got bigger, never increased my business, and I never made a DEPOSIT with them.

See, I’m all about minding my business and finding ways to make more cash.  I know you feel the same way because you’re a Bougie C.E.O. just like me.  That’s where the inspiration for this Tee came from.

This is for the women that are less concerned about what people are saying and more concerned about her BUSINESS SLAYING.

So if you agree with that sentiment. You can show the world how you really feel by purchasing and wearing the Less Gossip & More Deposits Tee. It’s cute, comfy and sends the message that you are only about positivity and getting your money. 
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