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I’m a true believer and example of manifestation.  Before my businesses were a success, I believed that they were going to be successful. I talked like they were successful.  Then, that’s what they became.  

I didn’t wait for my business to be successful to start acting like I was a success.  So you don’t need to be a Billionaire yet to wear this Tee. I made this Tee for those of us still striving for that lifestyle.

By wearing this Tee you are making a declaration. You are saying to the Universe that this is what you already are, so everything else better catch up.

When you start believing and declaring these things, it’s bound to happen, trust me.

So, where are my Self Made Billionaires?! Are you there? 

Go on and get your SELF MADE BILLIONAIRE TEE NOW,  so you can declare it to everyone you come in contact with. 

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