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A true BOSS always has a pen because you never know when you need to write down an idea or even sign a few autographs from your biggest fans.  And if you think you don’t have fans, check the mirror and remind yourself of who you are then.  

You are a Bougie Girl that stays ready for any and every opportunity to show your greatness. And you’re going to need a pen that exudes the same aura that you’re giving off. 

When people see you pull out your cute PRETTY IN PINK DIAMOND BALLPOINT PEN, they are going to KNOW you are someone they need to know that is about BUSINESS

Make sure you’re never that, “Can I Borrow Your Pen” person in the room.  Show that you’re prepared and ready at ALL TIMES. And have a cute style to match.

You’re not going to be able to find another pen that exudes your kind of energy, so go ahead and purchase the Pretty In Pink Diamond Ballpoint Pen, because you’ll need something to sign all of the deals you’re going to close. 

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