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You’ve been asking for it and it’s FINALLY here! Ok, so you know this is STRICTLY for my Bougie Women right? 

This bundle is especially designed to keep up with everything you have going on in your life. All of your goals, special dates, and self-care activities, all in ONE place.  Because in 2021 I know you’re going to stay booked and busy, I knew you would need this special bundle to help you keep up with everything.  Here’s what’s in it.

You have the Bougie Lifestyle Planner, which is going to be your ultimate guide to DOMINATING 2021.  So, I knew, as a Bougie woman, you would have a lot going on.  You have goals to slay, dates to make, and bags to SECURE.  So I made sure this planner could handle all of that and more to fit your BOUGIE LIFESTYLE.  

Next up in this bundle is the Thinking of a Master Plan Journal for you to put all of your plans about how you’re going to take over 2021.  I know 2021 is going to be YOUR year.  If you believe that too, then you need somewhere to write down all of your takeover plans.  

Oh, and I can’t forget the bomb Big Book Of Bougie Sticker Book.  The sticker book with customized labels especially for my Bougie girls.  This book has over 2500 STICKERS, especially made for you to be able to customize your books and CRUSH your goals.  

The only way to takeover 2021 and take everything in your life to the next level is with a plan.  And this bundle gives you everything you need to start your takeover, the best way, which is the Bougie way. So go ahead and get your bundle sis because you DESERVE all of the success that’s waiting for you in 2021!  I will see you at the top!

Comes with a HUSTLE bookmark AND either a hot pink or rose gold diamond ballpoint pen. Pen colors will vary.

Please be advised that the pre-order period begins October 20th and ends November 30th. This is to make sure that everyone who wants one can get one. At that point processing & shipping combined will take about 3 weeks. Please make sure you are fine with this policy before ordering.

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