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The Bougie Business Academy, created by our founder Khila James, was made to teach you everything you need to know about starting your business. This course is no-nonsense, no fluff, and no loophole guide to starting a successful business. It will teach you, in-depth what is required to build a brand and how to execute it effectively. If you are serious about starting a business, are ready to learn everything it will take do so, and are prepared to execute, this course was made for you.

This is course is intensive, accelerated, packed with valuable information, and full of resources that force you to be actionable.

It includes:

Section 1: How To Start Your Business
- Module 1: The Basics Of Starting & Running A Business (3 Hour Lecture)
- Module 2: 10 Ways To Secure Funding For Your Business (12 Page E-book)
- Module 3: Developing A Winning Business Model (5 Page Workbook)
- Module 4: Creating Your Business Plan (18 Page Workbook)
- Module 5: Setting Up Your Business Legally: Business Formation, Licenses, EIN Number, Trademarks, Copyrights, & Business Bank Accounts (40 Minute Demonstration)
- Module 6: Sourcing Your Own Manufacturers (5 Minute Demonstration)

Section 2: Creating Your Brand Strategy & Bring Your Brand To Life
- Module 1: Developing Your Marketing Plan (15 Page Workbook)
- Module 2: Developing Our Brand Identity (10 Page Workbook)
- Module 3: How To Build Your Own Website (40 Minute Demonstration)

Section 3: How To Make Sales & Get Clients
- Module 1: How To Automate Your Business With A Sales Funnel (20 Page Workbook)
- Module 2: How To Create 6 Figure Advertisements On Facebook & Instagram (60 Minute Demonstration)
- Module 3: How To Set Up Your Social Media For A Large Following, Engagement, & Sales (25 Page E-book)
- Module 4: How To Set Up Your Email Marketing With Pop-Ups, Funnels, & Campaigns (45 Minute Demonstration)
- Module 5: How To Market Your Business (20 Page E-book)
- Module 6: How To Run Sales To Boost Monthly Revenue & Profits (14 Page E-book)

Comes with a FREE Bougie Business Notebook delivered to your shipping address to assist with note-taking while you build your business. Don’t forget to share your notes on social media and tag us @bougiebusinessbrand!

Please note that this product is an electronic course, not an in person course. You will automatically receive access to the course via email upon purchase. 

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