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Creating a Beauty Brand is NOT for the weak. Our Beauty Boss Business Bundle is an essential investment to help your brand by setting you apart from your competition. You'll receive a copy of Beauty Boss Bible: How to Become the Ultimate Beauty Boss, access to our exclusive Cosmetics & Skincare Vendor Vault, AND our complete Packaging Vendor Vault.

The Beauty Boss Bible is an in-depth analysis and lesson on precisely what needs to be done to launch a successful beauty brand. 

You'll learn:

  • - How to create a winning business model
  • - How to identify your target audience & create a brand identity strategy that will resonate with them
  • - How to source your products with quality-assured manufacturers
  • - How to ensure large profit margins 
  • - How to execute a photoshoot 
  • - How to build a winning website to set you apart of boring beauty brands
  • - How to launch social media advertising
  • - How to automate your social media posts
  • - How to work with beauty influencers
  • - How to build a professional social media presence & grow your following
  • - How to set up automated funnels
  • - How to build an email list and create a community amongst your customers

It comes with: 

  • - Lists of successful beauty brands and their competing factors 
  • - An example of a successful beauty brand in the making
  • - Ideal beauty brand websites 
  • - Beauty influencers to work with 
  • - Templates on how to contact photographers, makeup artists, models, manufacturers, & influencers 

This e-book has EVERYTHING you need to get started and get started the right way.

The Cosmetics & Skincare Vendor Vault

We only work with vendors who can create versatile, customized, unique products. This list contains 128 vendors in cosmetics, skincare, mink lashes & lash extensions, nail polish, beauty vitamins, makeup brushes, skincare supplements, and beard care! You will be able to create a thriving beauty business with your branding and high-quality products that will WOW your customers.

Vault includes top-quality vendors in:

  • - Private Label Cosmetics
  • - Mink Lash Strips with Custom Packaging
  • - Private Label Nail Polish & Nail Supplies
  • - Private Label Skincare
  • - Private Label Weight Loss Supplements
  • - Private Label Beauty Vitamins
  • - Private Label Makeup Brushes

These are 100% the highest quality vendors you will find. PERIOD. Like seriously, ask ANYONE that's worked with us. 

The Packaging Vendor Vault

If you have a product, you need packaging.
We provide vendors that know your packaging isn't just a box you ship your products in. For your customers, it's an experience.
Bomb packaging guarantees customers. That's why we provide 27 bomb packaging vendors that allow you to have full creative control to design your packaging to match your brand and meet your needs. 

Vault includes top-quality vendors in:

  • - Custom Mailers
  • - Custom Shipping Boxes
  • - Custom Beauty Product Packaging
  • - Custom Gift Boxes
  • - Custom Jewelry Boxes
  • - Custom Labels for ANY Product 
  • - Custom Hair Packaging 
  • - Custom Clothing Packaging
  • - Custom Shoe Boxes

Our vendors: 

  • - Have the best response times. 
  • - Are based in the United States (Sales License Required) & China (Sales License NOT Required).
  • - Have the highest quality clothes at the most affordable prices. 
  • - Have the best shipping. 
  • - Speak the most fluent English (for overseas).
  • - Offer both bulk inventory and no minimum order quantity. 
  • - Provide discounts on purchases. 
  • - Have new arrivals often. 
  • - Provide drop shipping for those who can't afford bulk inventory. 
  • - Can customize the product to fit your vision. 


For individual vendor lists, visit

Please note that this product is an electronic document, not a hard copy. You will automatically receive the digital download via email upon purchase.  

Don't forget to update us on your businesses progress through social media, tag us @bougiebusinessbrand!

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