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The Bougie Business Bash is the ultimate business kickstarter for fourth quarter. 

Fourth quarter (October - December) is when 6 figure entrepreneurs are made, and now you'll have an all access pass to learn everything you need to achieve this for just $30. 

Learn everything from how to form your business legally, to how create a strong business plan, how to choose & price your product line, how to build a strong brand presence, to how to actually market your business and make sales.

We're going all in on how to build a successful business from the ground up and we've hired the best of the best to teach the strategies: 

Tiffany LaToi - CEO of Certify My Biz, has helped thousands of black women form LEGAL businesses and obtain government contracts, grants, and so much more. She'll be teaching us how to get the bag the right away so we can set our businesses up for greatness. 

Khila James - Our Founder & CEO of the Bougie Business Brand, will be teaching us how to chooses business plans, products, pricing for many businesses & best-selling products including the Bougie Lifestyle Planner, which sold thousands of copies during the 2019 holidays. 

Then Leslie Eugene of Pretty Haute, will teach us how to leverage social media to get thousands of followers, much like she did to get her tribe of highly engaging, 20K+ followers. She stands out on social media, as does her clients, and after she teaches us the game - so will we. 

After we soak up the gems from Day 1, we'll take a break and get back into it on Day 2, beginning with White House Recognized business strategist, Kristi Jackson, who's clients have seen over 7 figure differences in their revenue after sessions with her. She's a beast as social media, email, and event marketing and she's giving us all the gems on how to actually get sales for our businesses. 

Once we've gotten the business stuff out the way, we'll get comfortable for our bonus sessions, beginning with Charmaine Sanders, of Females Who Flip, who will be teaching us about the ins & outs of real estate investing. This is perfect for beginners who have no experience or knowledge about real estate but are interested in pursuing it,

And finally we'll end with an in-depth lesson the stock market with Financial Advisor LaToya Westbrooks. She'll be teaching us exactly how the stock market works, and how newbies can started investing in it. 

This 2 day event is perfect for those who want to really learn something that can better their lives and income for 2021. The goal is to get aspiring change-makers to learn what they need to learn, so they can spend the rest of 2020 implementing and working hard, and then spend 2021 reaping the benefits. 

Yes, 2020 was hard - but 2021 can be your year if you take that first step and get into your passion, whether than be business, real estate, or stocks - commit and get lit at our bash! We'd love to have you. 

*Make sure to check your email for instructions after purchasing your ticket. It's SUPER important that you join the group chat so that you can participate in the networking, games, and giveaways*

*Replays of all the event sessions will be available to all attendees so if you have to miss one or all, you will be emailed a link to access the replays afterward.*

See You There!

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