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Boss Up With The Bougie Business Start Up Bundle!

Get started with the Bougie Business Brand's signature first step! The Bougie Business Blueprint will teach you all the basics you need to know about when starting a business and a start up call with actually get you actionable with starting your business. 

If you're finally ready to get started building your brand for an affordable price, this is your chance! 

Step 1: Attend the Bougie Business Blueprint Training Webinar & Learn: 

1. What kind of businesses are profitable right now
2. How to choose the right business
3. How to make sure your business solves a real problem that will make people want to buy your product/service
4. How to identify your target audience
5. How to develop a unique angle for your business to appeal to your target audience
6. All about Shopify & how to create a professional website
7. How to market your business correctly for your specific business model
8. How I used Facebook Ads to make $400,000 since January 2019
9. How to choose social media influencers to work with & how to get them to promote your products
10. How build a strong social media presence
11. How I set up my email funnels & weekly email campaigns which make me $90,000 a month in passive income
12. How to scale your business as you grow by increasing your prices for my profits & adding more products

If you're ready to learn exactly what you need to start doing NOW to start & launch a profitable business, this is the webinar for you. 

2020 Dates: 

6.6.20 - 7:00pm EST 
7.4.20 - 7:00pm EST 
8.1.20 - 7:00pm EST 
9.5.20 - 7:00pm EST 
10.3.20 - 7:00pm EST 
11.7.20 - 7:00pm EST 
12.5.20 - 7:00pm EST 


Step 2: Book Your Start Up Call & Talk With Your New Business Coach:

During your start up call, we'll get an idea of your current situation & your goals. Together, we will come up with a game plan on how you will build your business. We'll figure out which one our programs are best for you and create a strategy as to how you'll go about getting to work.

Please be advised that this is not a coaching session. This is to determine where you are in your business, what you need to do to get where you need to be, and how the Bougie Business Brand can help.

Comes with a FREE Bougie Business Notebook delivered to your shipping address to assist with note-taking while you build your business. Don’t forget to share your notes on social media and tag us @bougiebusinessbrand!

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